PIC Tutorials

The first set of tutorials are going to be about the PIC microprocessor. There will be some (hopefully straightforward) electronics involved, and some programming in C. I will be working on these over the coming weeks.

PIC Tutorials

Software Tutorials

Welcome to Codewrite!

If you’re looking for tutorials or advice about micro-controllers (particularly PICs), mobile development for Android or iOS, or website code (HTML, .NET, CSS, javascript), or even desktop applications – you’ve come to the right place!

My plan is to provide regular updates and tutorials about all aspects of software programming, but it won’t be limited to just that – I also hope to cover both digital and analog electronics, and how this interfaces to modern micro-controllers. Hopefully I’ll cover more advanced topics like FPGAs and ASICs at some point.

It all sounds complicated – but one of my main aims will be to keep it as simple as possible.

So if that sounds good, make sure you subscribe to the news feed. I welcome all comments – and will try my best to follow up as many suggestions as possible.